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What did you learn from your Garden?

The Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday October.11 at 7:00 at the United Methodist Church. Our program will be a members review of our summer garden experiences. We will have a surprise guest that will give us an update from a group of local people that grew veggies to feed local folks this past summer. Perhaps you heard of Boaz North and Boaz South Gardens.

Hostess will be Monica Ondrusko and Arlene Peters.

Meeting agenda:

Old Business:

Reading of the minutes and treasures report

Nomination Committee report

Review Up Town Planting experiences

Review upcoming field trip details. Choose a date to visit Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Raffle bring stuff

We will have a fund raising raffle. Anyone may bring an item for our raffle. So look around your home as see if you have something to contribute.


Plant and seed exchange. Tell us what you brought.

You will also be asked to share information about your garden experiences over this last summer. What did you learn? What would you do different? Bring photos to pass around.

This will be fun. Bring a friend. At our October meeting you will be asked to share what you have learned about gardening this summer. Bring and share photos of your garden. You may also submit gardening questions to our members. The questions will be read and solutions discussed.

When you are cleaning up your garden this fall remember to pot up something to bring for our fall plant exchange. Remember to collect seeds for our seed exchange. Please label your plants and seeds. Do not forget to put your name on the labels. Being able to walk thru your garden and remembering who gave you a particular plant is a good thing. Having a connection to members through the plants in our gardens helps to build fellowship among our members. Why is this important? The more connections we have to one another the more comfortable we will be working together on our service projects.