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Picnic in DJ's Garden

There were only 15 of us at the Garden Club Picnic at DJs Greenhouse and Gardens last night. The threat of rain must have kept a lot of folks at home. The rain stopped about a half hour before the picnic. The temperature cooled off and the sun was breaking thru the clouds. The garden were wet and the fresh smell was intoxicating. It was a magical evening in a beautiful garden. The food was really good too. Just enough of everything. Potluck worked out perfect. Just several different main dishes, two salads, two fruit salads and three deserts. I have heard that sometimes the pot luck can go bad and you end up with everyone bringing the same type of dish. I have never had this happen.

We had a short meeting and went on to tour the gardens and shop at the greenhouse. I bought a lovely little yellow leafed Hosta American Dream, a fancy leaf begonia Evelyn Weidner and Daphne Transatlantica Summer Ice.
Some how I just cannot visit a green house with out bringing home something. Now I have to figure out where to put these plants. I will bring the begonia inside to add some color to my plants in the bathroom. So when the orchids finish blooming I will still have some color there while I wait for the orchids to bloom again. My orchids have been blooming since January and the blossoms are beginning to fall off. The Daphne has a very fragrant flower and looks like a small tree. I will have to research this plant. I was hoping to grow it in a pot and bring it inside in the winter. It looks like something that can be used for bonsai. I will experiment.