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Orchid Program

Mercer Garden Club meeting Nov.12. Met at 7:00 and had a program on orchids.

Our next meeting will be Dec. 10, Christmas party here at the church.
We will eat at 6:00 sharp, bring one food item and a $10.00 gift for the gift exchange. The gift should be creatively wrapped and be for a man or woman.

No chinese raffle items will be needed for our December meeting.

We will not meet in Jan. or Feb.
We will have a field trip to the Phipps Orchid show during a February thaw.
Expect a phone call or email to announce the date of the field trip.

A visit to Emmett's Apple Orchard

 The Mercer Garden Club will visit Emmetts Orchard on Monnday evening, Oct. 8, 2012.  Here is a link to a web page giving details.
Gala, Macintosh, and Supream Golden

Garden Club Summer Picnic 
D J's tonight
Bring food to share.
See you there.

OUR JULY GARDEN CLUB MEETING July 9 we will meet at the church at 5:30 to car pool for a field trip to Villa Maria in New Bedford, PA. Villa Maria encompasses 726 acres of picturesque farmland, wetlands, a bird sanctuary, nature trails, herb gardens, and a labyrinth. It is home to a small herd of cattle and a flock of sheep. The sisters maintain a working organic farmons sell their naturally grown produce and flowers on the grounds.

Mercer Garden Club Activities in May and June

Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday May 14th, 7:00 p.m.; Mercer Methodist Church. We will be finalizing our plans for Uptown planting and hold our annual spring plant exchange. Please label all plants for the exchange and if possible, be prepared to tell everyone a little bit about what you brought ( variety, where you got it, requirements to keep it growing) Saturday, May 19 10a.m. ---Uptown Bed Clean up and Prep Wednesday May 23, 5:30 --Uptown Planting Rain Date is Thursday May 24, 5:30 Monday June 11, 7:00p.m. Mercer Methodist Church. Doniele Russell will present a program about invasive plants in Northwestern PA.

Your Garden: Journals and photos

The March meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 12 at the Methodist Church. Chris Hunter Hall will present a program on Recording Y our Garden: Photos, Journals, and Recordkeeping. If you have ever kept a garden journal or photo album (or even have a sample of an unused journal),
please bring it to share. We will hopefully also have time to share our “most unusual garden tip or hint.” Chris is going to attempt to be the host for the month as well.
For our meeting on April 9, we will also be at the Methodist Church at 7:00. Jacqueline and Chris from Munnell Run Farm will return to present a new program: W onderful W orld of Wildflowers. They invite us to come learn how to identify the spectacular spring wildflowers that inhabit our area. Hosts are Edyie Swingle and Andie Brown.

Cold and snowy

Garden club members please sign up to follow by email. you will get an email when the blog is updated with new info. you can also add comments and send in your pictures of your winter flowers. I wonder if anyone in Mercer Garden Club ever looks at this Garden Club Blog?

DJ, spring plants and winter snow

Last night we had a informative discussion with DJ from DJ's Greenhouse. DJ talked about some of his favorite books and plants for spring gardens and year round color in your garden.
The spring garden walk will be April 14.
Ladies Night Out June 1 and June 16 Breakfast with DJ are popular monthly events that our members are encouraged to attend. Check his web page for details.