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Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

Monday, Dec 13, 6:00 p.m.

Spouse or friend is welcome

Please bring a side dish or dessert to share

Meat, beverages & dinnerware will be provided

Please RSVP let us know what you are bringing and how many folks are coming.

724-662- 3986

Holiday Creativity Challenge

The Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday

November 8 at 7:00

at the United Methodist Church.

Our hostess will be Natalie Shipton.

Program: Nancy will lead us in a Show and Tell by garden club members. Put on your thinking caps and come with an idea for an arrangement or centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Be prepared to tell us about your idea, or show a picture or bring a sample.

This will be fun! Creativity is good.

What did you learn from your Garden?

The Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday October.11 at 7:00 at the United Methodist Church. Our program will be a members review of our summer garden experiences. We will have a surprise guest that will give us an update from a group of local people that grew veggies to feed local folks this past summer. Perhaps you heard of Boaz North and Boaz South Gardens.

Hostess will be Monica Ondrusko and Arlene Peters.

Meeting agenda:

Old Business:

Reading of the minutes and treasures report

Nomination Committee report

Review Up Town Planting experiences

Review upcoming field trip details. Choose a date to visit Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Raffle bring stuff

We will have a fund raising raffle. Anyone may bring an item for our raffle. So look around your home as see if you have something to contribute.


Plant and seed exchange. Tell us what you brought.

You will also be asked to share information about your garden experiences over this last summer. What did you learn? What would you do different? Bring photos to pass around.

This will be fun. Bring a friend. At our October meeting you will be asked to share what you have learned about gardening this summer. Bring and share photos of your garden. You may also submit gardening questions to our members. The questions will be read and solutions discussed.

When you are cleaning up your garden this fall remember to pot up something to bring for our fall plant exchange. Remember to collect seeds for our seed exchange. Please label your plants and seeds. Do not forget to put your name on the labels. Being able to walk thru your garden and remembering who gave you a particular plant is a good thing. Having a connection to members through the plants in our gardens helps to build fellowship among our members. Why is this important? The more connections we have to one another the more comfortable we will be working together on our service projects.

Garden Club Meeting Monday Sept.13

Our September meeting will be at the home and garden of Chris Hall.

Parking is very limited. We will car pool from the church at 6:30.

Last year I tried to find a place to have a cozy fire for us to sit around get to know each other and toast some marshmallows. Chris offered to host this event since she has a perfect place to have a fire.

I will bring corn and attempt to roast it in the fire. This was a tradition on our farm when I was growing up. The corn has a wonderful smoky flavor that cannot be matched by cooking it any other way. If by chance we have rain or its just too dry for a fire the corn roast part of this event will not happen. Nancy G.

August 21 Saturday morning 9:00 Brandy Springs workday.

Hi Folks,

I was having such a good time at the Picnic on Monday night that I forgot to take pictures. We had 22 members attending and an amazing selection of homemade goodies to choose from. I sampled almost everything. The business meeting was short so we would have time to walk DJs beautiful gardens and shop. I bought a lovely pot to transplant an experimental bonsai tree. I am going use the little pine we gave our members last year for Arbor Day. My little clumping birch from this year's Arbor Day Tree is finally showing some life. How is your tree?

Group work day set for weeding beds at the Community Building at Brandy Spring. Saturday morning August 21 at 9:00 am before it gets hot. Even if we work only an hour I am sure we will be able to get a lot done. I hope to see you there. Nancy Griffin call if you need info. 724-877-1082

Tuesday, August 17 11:00 Informal gathering of garden club members at the library.

Our next regular meeting will be at the home of one of our members where we will have an Old Fashion Corn Roast. Mark your calendar for Sept. 13

Summer Picnic Aug.9

Pictures 2008 Garden Club Picnic at DJs.

The August Mercer Garden Club meeting will be a picnic at Dennis James Greenhouse and Gardens on Monday August 9. (our regular meeting night) The Picnic will begin at 6:30. Meat, beverage and tableware will be provided.

Nancy Ollinger Thiess and Pat Whiting will be hosting the summer picnic. Bring a food item to share. Since we want to have a variety of food choices, please sign up for the category of food you will be bringing (you need not be specific). Sign up call Pat 724-475-4301 or Nancy 724-662-3986 and tell us whether you will be bringing: potatoes, salad, vegetable, or dessert by Friday, August 6 .

Come and enjoy an evening of delicious food, delightful fellowship and view Dennis’ beautiful garden.

Short Meeting Agenda = Old Business:

Reading of the minutes and treasures report

Brandy Springs Group work day set day in August.

Fall bulb sale?

New Business: Nomination Committee 2011 officers

Flowers are planted the Beds are mulched.

Thank You to everyone who came out to help us get out beds planted and mulched.
Girl Scouts and High School Students and many faithful member working together to make our little corner of the world more beautiful. Flowers lifts the spirit of everyone who happens by and sees them. We will never know how many people see our flowers. All we know is that it makes us feel better about where we live when we see them.

Garden Club News May June 2010

Monday May 10, Garden Club Plant Exchange Our May meeting will be held at Brandy Springs Community Building. Alan and Alice Haskel will be our hosts.

Arrive 6:00, an hour earlier than usual. Bring your gloves and tools for working to clean up our beds at Brandy Springs. Everyone working together enables us to complete this task quickly. If you have an injury and cannot work, you can help prepare for the meeting to follow. Once we finish the clean up we will retire to the building to rest, enjoy refreshments and participate in informative program about the plants we brought for our plant exchange.

We will have a short business meeting to go over the details for Up Town Planting and Welcome Garden work schedule. Then proceed to one of our clubs most popular events. Our plant exchange is amazing every year. Pass along plants are the best, they are usually healthier and bigger than the ones you can buy. In this time of economic stress many of us are having to cut our gardening budget. Free plants are very welcome. Just let our members know what you are looking for and you may find someone willing to share. Please label your plants and come prepared to tell us about the plants you have brought to share.

Fundraising raffle: Please bring stuff. This will probable be our last raffle till fall when we return to meeting at the church.

Tuesday May 18 and June 22 Gardeners Midday Meet Up 11:00 at the Mercer Library for research gardening, sharing information, walk around the square and check on our plants perhaps pull a weed or two or deadhead some flowers.

Up Town Planting May 18, 19, & 20 We will get our plants and plant our beds around the square. Wednesday will be a group mulch night. You may get together and prepare the ground and purchase and put in your plants any day during this week. We will be letting the plant choices up to the individuals that have signed up to care for certain areas. If you have not sign up that does not mean that you are left out of this planting event. All members and guests are encouraged to come and help.

June 14 7:00 Garden Club Meeting & Garden Tour The Mercer Garden Club will meet at the church at 6:30 to car pool to Joe Nemmer’s Lily Garden Bring a lawn chair. Mary Ellen Russell will be our hostess and provide refreshments.

Very Short Meeting agenda:

Reading minutes and treasures report.

Discuss maintaining up town gardens and pots.

Set a date to deadhead and weed gardens.

Program: Joe will tell us about the North American Society July 7-11. 63rd Annual NALS International Lily Show and Conference - Last year Joe presented our club with a wonderful program about Lilies. Many of us came home with Lily bulbs and everyone wanted to visit Joe’s Garden. Mark your calendar you definitely do not want to miss this chance to see this beautiful garden.

Joe will also be asking our members to volunteer to help with the Lily conference by acting as bus proctors and tour guides and security at the show. The conference will be bringing folks to visit 4 local gardens. DJ’s, Emmie’s, Altman’s, and Joe’s. If you would like to learn more about the tours and conference click the link above to go to the web pages or search

Mercer Garden Club Field Trip to DJ's for a Spring Walk

Tomorrow garden club members will visit DJ"s Green House. The Garden Walk is from 10 - 5. We will go over on our own. If anyone needs a ride let me know. I will be going around 11:00.

Our meeting on April 12 was well attended. We had between 35-40 people. Lots of guests and perhaps we even got a couple new members. TC Conner presented us with an informative program on good bugs and bad bugs in our garden. Thank you TC.

Thank You to Natalie and Rochelle for the refreshments and Thank You to everyone that came and made this evening a special event for all. Everyone had a good time this garden club exists because of you. Everyone working together is a beautiful. Continuing to sharing our love of gardening in the spirit of community service is what we do best. Today I need to get outside and this my boxes of lettuce.

Good Bug, Bad Bug Program April 12 2010

"The Good, The Bad, and The Bugly"

Guest Speaker
T.C. Conner
T.C. is a master gardener and a freelance writer well known for his articles on gardening published in our local newspapers. You will learn about good bugs that eat bad bugs
and also other good bugs.

Mercer Garden Club
April 12 7 PM

United Methodist Church
205 E. Butler Street, Mercer, PA

This program is free and open to all gardeners
Learn more about T.C. Conner
Mercer Garden Club phone 724-877-1082

March 8 Mercer Garden Club Meeting

Thank you to everyone that came to the February meeting on such a cold snowy night. Thank you to Sheila Craig for bring her paintings, sharing her art and stories with us and providing refreshments. Thank you to Rita Ryburn for bringing house plants and garden items from Everett’s house.
This has been a difficult winter for so many of us. The snow is still coming and the weather forecast for this coming weekend is more snow. Our Field trip to Cleveland is canceled to be rescheduled for sometime this spring. We will discuss setting a new date for this trip at the March meeting.
We will meet on Monday, March 8 at the United Methodist Church instead of Tuesday March 2 at the library as listed on the calendar in the last newsletter. The Library meeting room is not ready and the Church is not available on any Tuesday due to the Cub Scouts Meeting at the church.
A survey was taken at the last meeting concerning the change of our monthly meeting day. There were 10 members participating. The question was asked: Would a change of our meeting day to the first Tuesday of the month be ok with you? Results: no = 3 and yes = 7 Changing our meeting day is postponed until we can determine a day and time that will accommodate more members.
March Meeting Agenda:
Old Business: Arbor Day Trees
Fundraising raffle: Please bring stuff. Donations welcome.
Program: Gardening Tips form our members. Come prepared to share a gardening tip.
April meetings: Monday April 12 7:00 Garden Club Meeting & Tuesday April 20 Mercer Library 11:00
Details will be posted.


The Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday Feb. 8 at 7:00 at the United Methodist Church. Our garden program and hostess will be Sheila Craig. Last year Sheila gave us a wonderful program on African Violets. This year we will learn more about Sheila and see some of her paintings.
Meeting agenda:
Old Business: Collect dues $12.00
1. Reading of the minutes and treasures report
2. Discussion & vote on meeting day change.
3. Review upcoming field trip details. Feb.28 Cleveland Botanical Gardens
4. Raffle
We will have a fund raising raffle. Anyone may bring an item for our raffle. So look around your home as see if you have something to contribute.
Bring seed catalogs and magazines to share. This should be a good meeting mark your calendar and plan to come.

Meet up at the Mercer Library Tuesday at 11:00 on Feb.16
Informal gathering to look at garden magazines and books. See fellow gardeners and share information. Use the internet to find information. At noon we can go out to lunch.

We have discussed making several changes in our Garden Club to increase membership, save cost and maintain our club without continuing to burn out our members. Thank you for your suggestions on our survey.
Big Pots: No one wants to take the responsibility for keeping the big pots watered. It was pointed out that some businesses buy them on their own and will maintain a pot they have invested in. We will discuss this at the next two meetings and vote before our fund raising letter goes out in March. Several members would like to see a return of the hanging baskets. What do you think?
Change our meeting day:
Changing from the second Monday to the first Tuesday of the month would end conflicts with Yoga Class and Bowling and Golf League and
increase attendance at our meetings. We will vote on this change at our February meeting. Think it over and let me know if you have a conflict. If approved this change will take effect in March. The new library community meeting room may be ready for meetings in March.
Our newsletter will be now published bimonthly. This change will saving half of the postage. It will be mailed without envelopes. I will continue to post some meeting info and pictures /on our Garden Club Blog Web site.

January 11 2010 Mercer Garden Club Meeting

The Mercer Garden Club will meet on Monday Jan.11 at 7:00 at the United Methodist Church.

Our program and hostess will be provided by Nancy Griffin.

Meeting agenda:
Old Business:
Collect dues $12.00
Reading of the minutes and treasures report.
New Business:
Discussion uptown planting changes
Discussion change to First Tuesday Meetings
Fundraising raffel of donated items.
Program: Slide show of garden club events and tours plus
a viewing of Emmy Nominated Documentary Film
Transformed by Flame The glass Art of FRABEL