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Your Garden: Journals and photos

The March meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 12 at the Methodist Church. Chris Hunter Hall will present a program on Recording Y our Garden: Photos, Journals, and Recordkeeping. If you have ever kept a garden journal or photo album (or even have a sample of an unused journal),
please bring it to share. We will hopefully also have time to share our “most unusual garden tip or hint.” Chris is going to attempt to be the host for the month as well.
For our meeting on April 9, we will also be at the Methodist Church at 7:00. Jacqueline and Chris from Munnell Run Farm will return to present a new program: W onderful W orld of Wildflowers. They invite us to come learn how to identify the spectacular spring wildflowers that inhabit our area. Hosts are Edyie Swingle and Andie Brown.