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Tulips planted by Mercer Garden Club

May is our most active month. We not only have our meeting but we get together and plant the summer flowers around the Courthouse and the Mercer Boro building, and beds under signs. 
May events:
Conservancy Planting
Rain date is Wednesday, May 14
At:  911 building and Shannon's

May 12th Meeting Information
7:00 PM at Mercer Methodist Church
Hostesses:  Betty Graham, Vera Filer, and Arlene Peters
Program:  Paula McComb of Sweet Peas Flowers will speak.  She is located at 2259 McComb Road, Stoneboro.  Check out her website at

Today I took pictures in the rain of the Tulips blooming up town.  Thank you to Pat and Gary and all the members that helped plant tulip bulbs last fall. They look wonderful and make our town look more friendly. I smile when I see them and hope other people are enjoying them too.

When do you prune roses in PA?

I was on the the Western PA. Component of the American Rose Society web pages to find out when and how to prune roses.  

I was surprise to learn that the rule of thumb is to wait till the forsythia bloom. Wow! Why did I miss this info, where have I been, this is so simple.

  I have 28 roses bushes some really famous or popular Heirloom varieties that I am trying to keep alive, a few are thriving and the others are just hanging in there.  I really need to learn more, I love my roses and some varieties are so much easier to keep than others.  I really want to save my Austin and Buck Roses and hope they made it through the winter; so far they look dead. I see some green looking stems near the ground so they will need serious pruning this year. 

Pictures below.  Mercer garden club members are welcome in June to see my roses.  If any Mercer Garden Club members want to talk roses please email me,,  perhaps we can arrange a rose meet up.     Nancy